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Mark Clennon Foreign
Dennis Ellsworth Bound By Love
Ted Stone Same Old Kid

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Spirits Rejoice


04/13/2021 - 9:44pm

WHFR - FM "Home Grown Radio" Pledge Drive Coming April 18-24, 2021

WHFR's Radiothon 2021 is coming soon...

Be sure to listen for special programming and features including blasts from our early days in local radio from former WHFR DJs, local bands and artists, and lots of ways to support WHFR as we keep our roots planted in local radio and our wonderful community!

Autism Awareness Interview on the WHFR Journal, Friday 1pm-2pm

Tune in Friday, April 2 at 1pm for our special spotlight to kick off Autism Awareness Month with Autism Speaks, the advocacy and support organization for people with Autism, their families, and communities. Patti Gold, Great Lakes Chapter Executive Director will share insight on Autism Spectrum Disorder and provide info on diagnosis and avenues of support. Also, segment two of the Journal will feature PRX's MyNDTALK with Dr. Bryna Siegel as he discusses the Politics of Autism. Join us for this powerful hour of programming on the local news and views show, The WHFR Journal.

COMING SOON: WHFR Radiothon 2021 Sunday April 18-Saturday April 24

WHFR is excited to announce Radiothon 2021 will take place the week of April 18 - 24, 2021. This will be slightly different from our pledge drives in the past and we have some great new things to announce during Radiothon 2021. Stay tuned!!!

WHFR Journal TODAY at 1pm

Tune in to the WHFR Journal today at 1pm for a look at what's going on at the Dearborn Public Library this spring season. Dan Lodge, Librarian I of Adult Services will share details on upcoming events that are free to the public. Topics include instant pot use, film history, and pop culture.

New Black History Month Program on "The WHFR Journal" THIS Friday, 2/26/21 from 1pm-2pm

Join us this Friday, Feb. 26 from 1 pm-2 pm for the WHFR Journal as we round out our on-air celebration of Black History Month. We’ll broadcast an HFC presentation from 2/11/21 called, Balancing the Scales: An Honest Conversation on Social Justice and Race" with Accomplished Poet and Spoken Word Artist and Host of Haze’s Higher Learning Podcast Ashlee Haze, as she explores the makings of identity and how we can work together to create a world where the scales are balanced.