Last Five Songs Played

  • Hard To Say Goodbye by Washed Out off of n/a from
  • If I See You by G & Doro off of If I See You from Palm Tapes
  • Ti Amo by Phoenix off of Ti Amo from
  • E*MO*TION by Carly Rae Jepsen off of E*MO*TION from
  • J-Boy (Phoenix Cover Demo) by Skylar Spence off of n/a from

Monday FORUM, 5-21-12: Sierra Club, TED, & TED

WHFR Monday Forum

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Recent internet podcasts you shouldn't miss: "Sierra Club Radio" from 5-12-12, plus two TEDTalks--David Kelley, "How to Build Your Creative Confidence" and Tali Sharot, "The Optimism Bias."