Last Five Songs Played

  • Sailor Moon by Scott Bradlee Band ft Andromeda off of Saturday Morning Slow Jams from
  • Gummi Bears by Alicia Keys off of na from
  • Over Here (Remix) by Shahidah ft. Coda off of Im up next from
  • Groupie by Shahidah off of Im up next from
  • Turn You On by Shahidah off of Im up next from

Monday FORUM, 10-17-11, 6-7 PM: EarthSky22, EarthSky8, and Sierra Club Radio

WHFR Monday Forum

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ES22: Coral reefs and new tunes! ES8: George Whitesides, "The world we live in is chemistry." Sierra Club Radio: The book "Nukespeak" discussed, how to green your office, and the "red tide" in Florida.