Last Five Songs Played

  • Fighting in the Street by Yuzo Koshiro off of Bare Knuckle OST (Streets of Rage) from Alfa Records
  • Sonic The Hedgehog by OneUp Studios off of Club Game Music from Self Released
  • TV Dinner Factory Kerfuffle / TV Tray Death Trap / Dessert Denouement by Kristopher Carter off of Batman the Return of The Caped Crusaders from WaterTower Music
  • The Big Chase by Shirley Walker off of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Mask Of The Phantasm Batman The Animated Movi from La-La Land Records
  • End Credits by Batman Returns Soundtrack/Danny Elfman & Batman off of Batman Returns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) from Warner Bros.

6-28-13: Dearborn Council candidates Jane Ahern and Mo Berro

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