Title Genre DJs Time range
2RawRadio (1st weekend) -- The Rhythmic Ride (other weekends) All forms of music with an emphasis on hip-hop and r&b sean_lewis Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
Afternoon Jazz jazz Wednesday 12-2pm
Big Band, Broadway and Beyond big band and musicals Friday 10am-12pm
Big Dawg Blues Blues Monday 4-6pm
Big Picture Science talk Tuesday 12-1pm
Blues With A Feelin' Blues / R&B acoleman Saturday 8-10pm
Classical 24 Classical Sunday 12-10am
Classical 24 Classical Friday 12-10am
Classical 24 Classical Monday 12-10am
Classical 24 Classical Wednesday 12-10am
Classical 24 Classical Tuesday 12-10am
Classical 24 Classical Thursday 1-10am
Classical 24 Classical Saturday 12-10am
Cruisin' & Bluesin' with The Jumper Southern Blues Wednesday 10pm-Thursday 12am
Cruisin' & Bluesin' with The Jumper Southern Blues Thursday 12-1am
Democracy Now! Democracy Now! Friday 12-1pm
Dinner With Chelsea Post Hardcore Rock/ Punk Saturday 4-6pm
Highway 61 Blues Friday 2-4pm
Jazz Horizons Jazz earl_mccullough Friday 8pm-Saturday 12am
Jazz Montage Jazz Wednesday 4-6pm
Light From The Underground folk / indie Saturday 10am-12pm
Live From Studio J Local Music Thursday 4-7pm
Lyrical Infusion Jazz, World & Blues Saturday 2-4pm
Mid-day Theme Attic Subject Based Musical Wednesday 2-4pm
Mild & Mellow Blues Classic blues Thursday 10am-12pm
Morning Jazz jazz sam_tylo Monday 10am-12pm
Mountain Stage live performances Wednesday 6-8pm
No Boys A-loud Female Music Artists Saturday 12-2pm
Noise Pollution Jam Band/ Progressive Rock Sunday 1-3pm
One Plus One Indie / Experimental Sunday 9pm-Monday 12am