Last Five Songs Played

  • clasSICAL 24 by classical 24 off of live Via Satellite from
  • Your Song by Ewan Mcgregor off of Moulin Rouge from
  • Love Calls by Kem off of na from
  • I Like it by J. Anderson off of na from
  • Unconditional Love by J. Anderson off of na from

Amanita Resurrects Prog Rock in a GRAND way, on this Motor Live Drive Podcast for May 22, 2014

Live From Studio J

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These five young guys have a profound love for Prog Rock, Hardcore, and even Avant Jazz, and it comes together in a FANTASTIC way on this Motor! These fellas drive hard on their instrumentals, they even included one vocal track showcasing their wide-ranging songwriting skills. You'll hear hints of Yes, Dream Theatre, and be glad you tuned in.