"The Bell Beat" LIVE on "Motor Live Drive @ 5"---Thursday, 5-6pm, January 20th

"Sprawling psych-pop-folk collective polishes the jangle 'n' bash with hooks and harmonies to soothe the savage bohemian. The kind of thing that could be a good backdrop for bar-brawling fun… Dashes of harmonica, twittering keyboards, female backing vocals and a well-defined rhythm section… [The Bell Beat] pretty much incorporate all the successful dimensions of American pop."

Evolving Shiatsu Practitioner CRAIG PARIAN on "Metaphysically Speaking", 1-2pm Tuesday, January 18th

On the next edition of "Metaphysically Speaking", Mike Holloway's special guest will be Craig Parian. Craig is an Evolving Shiatsu Practitioner. Shiatsu ("shi" meaning finger and "atsu" meaning pressure) is a hands-on form of physical massage therapy which was developed in Japan. Shiatsu is akin to Chinese acupuncture in that its purpose is to improve the flow of energy, known as "qi" (pronounced chee) throughout the body, along energy pathways known as meridians, and bring the body into harmony with itself.

MLK Day Special Programming, Monday Noon-2pm, January 17th. Read more below for program details.....



Click on Read More for details below....

RACHAEL DAVIS on "Acoustic Alternatives", Sunday 10am-1pm, January 16th

When Rachael Davis first opened her mouth to sing she had clear tone, sharp control, an extensive range and a keen understanding about the nature of a tune, which were all unusual for a two-year-old. At five-years-old she learned to sing harmony to the mountain songs her mother sang to her, at eight she earned five dollars for her first paying gig with the family band Lake Effect. At nine-years-old Rachael took up piano and started writing the songs that would ultimately prime her for her future as a songwriter.

25th Anniversary Bash for WHFR on Saturday, January 22nd at the Broadcast Booth in Allen Park!

Be a part of our family and come join Whfr.fm staff and friends for a rockin' 25th Anniversary Bash at the BROADCAST BOOTH in Allen Park, Michigan on Saturday, January 22nd starting at 9pm! Live performances/bands throughout the night, dancing, door prizes, and more for only a $5 donation at the door to benefit your favorite radio station - 89.3 Whfr.fm! A wide variety of wonderful food and thirst quenching beverages will also be available for purchase. Thank you for your support and for listening to WHFR "make waves" for 25 years!

"Patrick Davy & The Ghosts" LIVE on "Motor Live Drive @ 5" Thursday 5-6pm, January 13th

Join us for a live performance of Patrick Davy & The Ghosts with their alternative indie rock sound on "Motor Live Drive @ 5" this Thursday, January 13th from 5-6pm!

Linda Sites and Mary Badham on "No Boys A-Loud" -- Noon-2pm, Saturday, January 8

Whatever happened to "Scout" from the 1962 film "To Kill A Mockingbird?" Her name is Mary Badham; she is an art restorer; and she's at the Redford Theatre Friday, January 14 and Saturday, Janueary 15.

Linda Sites of the Redford Theatre has lots of interesting facts and history about the Beautiful Redford Theatre and the Motor City Theatre Organ Society to share.

Join host Lynn when she welcomes both women to this Saturday's "No Boys A-Loud" from noon to 2pm right here on WHFR!

Tune in for "BEST OF 2010!" Jan 2nd-8th. All shows participate in giving you their take on the best of last year!

WHFR celebrates the past year with "Best of 2010" week January 2nd-8th, 2011. Each of our DJs will share their own favorites from 2010, including their favorite artists, songs, albums,and more. Be sure to tune in and help WHFR ring in the New Year while taking a peek back at 2010!

"Leslie Kean" featured on "We Are Not Alone", 1pm-2pm Tuesday, January 4th

Leslie Kean joins host David Twichell in this episode of We Are Not
Alone. Kean began publishing on the UFO subject in 2000, when her
feature story about the French *COMETA Report* appeared in the Boston

"Jill Jack" special guest on Acoustic Alternatives--Sunday, 10am-1pm, January 2nd

Jill’s career is firmly founded on that deep abiding current of empathy and excitement between her and the audience, the warmth and generosity that flows both ways during a show. Her genre-blending style of folk, rock, country, Americana and just plain good songwriting reaches out and connects wherever she goes. Jill has also worked with the burgeoning Michigan film scene both as an actor and as a soundtrack contributor.

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