Monday FORUM, 12-17-12, 6-7 PM: "The Story of Christmas: a Pageant from Washington National Cathedral"

This year's annual special Christmas broadcast from the Washington National Cathedral with the Cathedral Girls' Choir brings a unique performance of Benjamin Britten's much-loved Ceremony of Carols, marking 70 years from its first performance in England in 1942. Often performed by boys and harp, its first performance was in London with women's voices and the celebrated Welsh harpist Osian Ellis. The girls are joined by young actors from Princeton Day School in Princeton, NJ, who present the biblical narrative in their own words and commentary.

2nd Anniversary & Year End Retrospective on "Theme Attic" this week, Thursday, 10AM-Noon, December 13th!

"Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, turns two this week and takes a look back at some of this year's highlights. There will also be some Christmas songs for good measure! Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, December 13th at 10:00 AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 12-11-12, 1-2 PM: Specially Chosen Podcasts!

Note: Our regularly scheduled "Dearborn Heights News & Views" (every month on 2nd Tuesday) will not be broadcast today due to the unavailability of scheduled guests. HOWEVER, we proudly present three recent talk shows from the internet that we think you will find informative and entertaining: (1) "EarthSky22" with science and astronomy news, (2) "Freakonomics--The Things They Taught Me" proving how a college education matters, and (3) "Philosophy Bites--Peter Adamson on Avicenna's Flying Man" questioning are we only physical beings?

Monday FORUM, 12-10-12, 6-7 PM: "Candles Burning Brightly"

A music special from Public Radio International: More than two thousand years ago, in the days of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, the religious life of the Jews was brought almost to a halt by the ancient Greeks. But rather than give in to the pressure to assimilate, a band of Jews who practiced their faith in secret returned to their holy city and rededicated the Temple. Their courageous act and its aftermath form the focus of Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. Mindy Ratner and Bill Morelock offer a program which explores the customs and music of the holiday: Dec. 9 until Dec. 16.

Best Neglected "Theme Attic," Songs From This Year's Shows, Thursday, December 6th, 10AM-Noon!

"Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, usually has a playlist that's twice as long as the show. That means that a lot of GREAT music gets left out. This week's show takes care of some of that problem, as some songs that were accidentally left off of other themes get their chance. There will also be some seasonal songs as well. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, December 6th, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 12-4-12, 1-2 PM: We Are Not Alone

December 21, 2012 is almost upon us. This is the end date of the Mayan calendar and some say the “end of days”. Do these prophesies hold water or are they just all wet? Our guest will be Joseph Marra, a Doctor of Nursing Practice with an established practice at his Urgent Care Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Joe is also a hypnotherapist, reiki master, intuitive healer, and spiritual counselor. Joe’s teachings have been heard all over the globe through his Universal Talk Radio Show. Mr. Marra believes in curing the body, mind and spirit. He is also well versed in the 12-21-12 prophesy.

Monday FORUM, 12-3-12, 6-7 PM: Gov. Rick Snyder's Address on Energy & the Environment

Thanks to the Michigan Information and Research Service for making available this podcast of Gov. Snyder's speech to the Michigan legislature last week on his proposals for a statewide energy policy. Though mostly a subscription news service for the professional media, MIRS does offer a free podcast with Lansing political updates available to all every Monday:

"Theme Attic," sends Autumn "packing" on Thursday, November 29th, 10AM-Noon!

The Christmas season has been going on for one full week...and it's still NOVEMBER,(!) so this seems like the appropriate time to put Autumn to rest. "Theme Attic," the radio show that picks themes and plays music from a variety of genres about selected subjects, will feature autumn songs as well as some "cold" ones. Join host DJ Phil Maq on Thursday, November 29th, at 10:00AM for his clever and unusual takes on music!

Tuesday FORUM, 11-27-12, 1-2 PM: Suicide--Fact and Foolishness

In this time of supposed-and expected-Good Will and Good Cheer, some are depressed, to one degree or another. It's a major cause of death of young persons, surprisingly. Station Advisor Jay Korinek hosts this documentary, with research and some thematically-chosen music. Note: this show will be archived for listening anytime from this website; click on Talk Shows-Tuesday Forum-(select date).

Monday FORUM, 11-26-12, 6-7 PM: Philosophy Talk & TED Talk

PhiloTalk: With the recent global economic crisis, many people wonder if our economic policies are built on sound principles or on dubious, unscientific claims. What kinds of assumptions does Economics make about markets and the behavior of producers and consumers? Then, Louie Schwartzberg, filmmaker, makes a statement for "Nature, Beauty, Gratitude." Our podcast of this show is available immediately after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Monday Forum--(select date). Note: the VIDEO version of all TED Talks is available at

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