6-26-15, 9 AM to 2 PM: SPECIAL Remote Broadcast!

WHFR will be at the Dearborn Farmers and Artists Market, Friday, June 26, broadcasting live reports and interviews every half hour between 10 AM and 1 PM, then doing the entire "WHFR Journal" show from 1-2 PM with special guest, MI Rep. George Darany. NOTE: "Big Band and Beyond" will provide the music between reports until 1 PM, and "Democracy Now" (usually from noon to 1PM) will not be carried this week. Come on down and visit our table. Free parking in West Dearborn these days!

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos bring the Americana to Motor Live Drive @5; June 25, 2015

These are the guys who have made sharing great music their BE ALL and END ALL. They don't need a plan B. The only thing they do better than huddle 'round and craft great tunes is get out and share them with you every chance they get. Tuned up from touring Ohio, getting ready for Grand Rapids, they perform today on Motor Live Drive @5. Whether you're listening introspectively to the lyrics, or lost in dancing, you'll be glad they shared this homespun rock 'n roll with you. On 89.3 on your FM dial. Or livestreaming. THIS, is The Station Making Waves.

6-23-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--Sierra Club Radio

SPECIAL, from the Sierra Club--the world's largest environmental non-profit organization--WHFR presents their latest two 30-minute weekly podcasts, full of the most important news and ideas about taking care of the world we live in (also known as Ecology). Remember you can also listen to this hour-long show from this website anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday forum--(select date).

6-16-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--The Tavis Smiley Show

SPECIAL: Here's the episode from last Friday, 6-12-15, as our own "Metaphysically Speaking" takes the month off. Would you like to Tavis regularly on WHFR? Let us know by an email: whfr@hfcc.edu. Tavis interviews Philip K. Howard, chairman, Common Good (book:The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government); Liz Garbus, filmmaker (documentary: What Happened, Miss Simone?); and Hollywood legend Robert Duvall (newest feature film project, Wild Horses).

Ancient Language Premiers new album Folk Songs on Motor Live Drive @5 Today

Celestial House, Sci-Fi Techno, Cosmic Soul originators Ancient Language debut their new line up and share music from their upcoming (July 25th) release Folk Songs. Tune in today at 5 and hear what Detroit natives, who've actually jammed onstage at Movement, sound like when making our own Studio J their home away from home. Prerecorded due to scheduling opportunities, don't let that stop you. They jammed live, and you'll feel it, when you tune in to station that's been here 30 years, And Just Gettin' Started! WHFR.fm, 89.3

6-9-15, 1-2 PM: IMPACT!--HFC Theatre

Henry Ford College Theatre Arts Department presents its 30th Annual Spring One-Act Festival this month. Find out more about the history of the one-act plays and lots about the HFC Theatre program when Lynn speaks with Gerry Dzuiblinski. Remember you can listen to this show from this website, anytime after broadcast: click on Talk Shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

6-5-15, 1-2 PM: WHFR Journal

Our special guest is Devon Akmon, Director of the Arab American National Museum, celebrating its 10th year. We'll hear about its origin and its mission: exhibits, collection, library, events, and education projects. Remember this show is archived on this website immediately after broadcast, for listening anytime: click on Talk Shows--WHFR Journal--(select date).

6-2-15, 1-2 PM: Tuesday Forum--We Are Not Alone

Host David Twichell interviews Linda Zimmerman, the author of over 30 books and a popular speaker, making numerous appearances on television and radio. From the “mysterious airships” of the early 1900s, to “missing time” cases since the 1920s, to the wave of massive triangles in the 1980s, to fascinating present-day cases, Linda Zimmermann’s research points to the possibility that the Hudson Valley region may be the most active in the country. Remember this show can also be listened to as a podcast from this website, any time after broadcast: click on Talk shows--Tuesday Forum--(select date).

5-22-15, 6 PM-Midnite: "Space Is the Place" Special Birthday Tribute to Dr. Robert MOOG

Join Tom Wilson and special guests who explain, demonstrate, and evaluate the contribution of the late inventor of the first synthesizer: Dr. Robert Moog. Guests include Trevor Pinch, author of Analog Days: the Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer. Plus, related music, both new and reissued rare music! SIX HOUR SPECIAL!

The Gasoline Gypsies are rocking us right out of our chair, May 21st, on Motor Live Drive @5

We're going to have a good time Thursday. The Gasoline Gypsies are bringing rock/country/funkiness up in Studio J. Fresh off the Space Funk Star Jams, featuring our own heroes The Bronze Mambas, Space Odyssey, and more, these four fellas are going to take us somewhere truly fun!
Their live shows are nothing less than a great time and they know just how to bring you to your feet. Tune in and fill your tank up on the station making waves, 89.3, WHFR.

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