Last Five Songs Played

  • Classical via WHFR by Classical via WHFR off of Classical via WHFR from N/A
  • Sand Ocean Sunset by bLiNd off of F-zero Megamix from Self Release
  • Return To Camp Blood by Mitch Murder off of Single from Self Release
  • Powerglove (It's So Bad) by Dj CUTMAN ft. Benjamin Briggs off of Single from Self Release
  • Khaleesi by City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra off of Music of Game of Thrones from Silva Classics

"Three for the Show" on "Saturday Spontaneity" -- 2pm-4pm, September 25

"Three for the Show" is a local band who loves playing all types of good music -- combining musical styles of blues, jazz, old country, rockabilly, polka and the occasional splash of latin beats.

Dearborn's Dan Cannon sings, plays guitar and is also an excellent drummer. He is currently playing Ringo with "The Cavern Beat", a Beatles Tribute Band out of Chicago.

Lawrence plays the upright bass and background vocals. He also loves playing the tambourine.

Dan and Lawrence once worked together at an architectural firm, but their conversations were always about music.

They have been jamming together for over 10 years. On occasions, musicians will join in the jam session.

Please look for "Three for the Show" on facebook and click on Like. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 2pm!